RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.10.18

RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.10.18


Over the last week a we have been hard at work, now its time to let you in on our adventure. Let's break it down by major components

Linear Rails

A couple people reached out to us about what rails we would be using, as we stated before we will be using Zyltech rails. We have also been asked about the quality due to some getting not so great results out of a couple of their rails, we have planned for a few bad carriages. The way it currently breaks down is one out of every ten carriages need to be addressed, out of those most are solved with a good cleaning and regreasing. We have had to declare a couple carriages “a lost cause” due them continuing to be subpar after a cleaning. As for preload, not all of the carriages are the same so we will be testing them all and trying to pair them up by axis with matching preload. Some may ask why not go Hiwin, it would raise the cost of the kits roughly $700 and we just don't see it being worth it.      

Heated Beds

We were able to obtain one box out of the shipment of heated beds on Monday. A large part of the shipment is still with Customs and we have hired a broker to assist in this and future shipments. Even with this we are still well on track to hit our goals.   

Wiring Harness

With the first batch we are running every wiring harness on our mockup to decuple check our measurements. We are also labeling all wires unless they are only type of that connector. This should significantly speed up the assembly process.  

Aluminum Beds

We have received all of the stock for milling the aluminum beds for the first batch. We will begin milling this weekend!

Side Panels


The first batch of side panels are now complete! All kits will come with the RailCore logo and model name on the floor along with the RailCore Labs and Project R3D logos. RailCore Labs is the original RailCore Team, they just secured their twitter @RailCoreLabs follow them to keep up to date.


We are now working with a couple people to find the best re-seller for the kits in Europe. We are hoping to get this rolling pretty soon. We have also reach out to a couple re-sellers in Canada as well.

 Some of the printed parts included in the kit!

Some of the printed parts included in the kit!

***REMINDER***If you already have the Bed, Idler mounts and/or Motor Mounts from 713 Maker let us know we will discount the kits for you. Also if you have the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works we can also discount the kits. Please be aware, you must prove you have purchased them, we are holding our kits to a certain standard and will not sell a kit without these parts unless already purchased. As of now this is only for the first batch.


RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.02.18

RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.02.18

TLDR: On track still even with a delay but we planned for it. We blab about our component choices. If you have purchased some aluminum parts from Mandala or 713 Maker and can prove it we can discount the kit for this batch, read more below. We used this time waiting for parts to perfect our side panel milling and now we have access to a new toy to play with!

Over the last week we have received all components but one, sadly the heated beds from Keenovo are delayed in customs. We were well aware that this would be the case so we ordered them early to try to offset the delay as much a possible. Now that we have locked everything down we can go into more detail of the components we are using.

  • Linear Rails- We will be sticking with Zyltech Linear rails, we have been testing them since before the RailCore Kit was established for a future unit we will be announcing. Currently we have had to rebuild an average of 1 out of every 27 rails we test. After a rebuild we have had satisfactory results out of nearly every rail. We do add light lubrication but please be aware, to lengthen the life of the system and maintain high qulity you must maintain your linear rails.

  • Heated beds- We will be using the Keenovo heaters for now, we say for now due to the uncertain future of maintaining relationships with Chinese manufacturers due to the current “Trade Wars”. We do have a backup plan in the case of the relationship falling apart. If it were to happen we would switch to 360W DC heated beds which are capable of 120C. We currently use these on our D-series printers with great results. If this were to happen the 320W power supplies would be swapped with a 504W.

  • Power Supply- We are using a genuine Mean Well Power supply, when it comes to power, we refuse to cut corners.

  • Wiring harness- We will be using genuine Molex connectors and appropriate wiring to ensure it exceeds standards.

  • Aluminum parts- As stated before we will be sourcing the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works and the Stepper Mounts and Idler Mounts from 713 Maker. The milling of the aluminum beds in house will be done by the machinist we have worked with for years. He is highly qualified and previously worked with world renowned companies and machined parts used on the ULA rockets. We will be working to ensure the beds are to the high standards that 713 has established.

  • Electronics- The Duet WiFi of course. As we scale up the kit production Filastruder will be supplying us with the electronics for the kits until we are required to go directly to Think3DPrint3D. Filastruder has be an awesome part of the community for many years, there is no-one we would rather work with.

If you already have the Bed, Idler mounts and/or Motor Mounts from 713 Maker let us know we will discount the kits for you. Also if you have the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works we can also discount the kits. Please be aware, you must prove you have purchased them, we are holding our kits to a certain standard and will not sell a kit without these parts unless already purchased. As of now this is only for the first batch.   

Now to what we have been working on over the last week. We have been protecting our workflow with milling the side panels. We doing this now while we wait for parts to arrive so as we scale up production, its one less hurdle we have to come to. Up to now we have been using upgraded x-carves for the side panels but we now have access to a 4’x8’ Shopbot to ramp up production faster. We have also been printed the parts for the kits and almost have the first batch complete.

We have also been working on getting kits to the European market. Currently we have been approached  by a couple of people interested in selling the kits and are also reaching out to established resellers. We are hoping to have something established by mid-month so we can begin to ship to Europe in November. We will keep you updated.

We will being posting pictures over the next week keep an eye out!

Project R3D Team



RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 9.25.18

Lets get down to brass tacks, the final price of the kit has been set and we are happy to say we have stayed between our target price points. The price of the kits will be $1550.00 +shipping. With that price we are offering some awesome addition to the standard BOM if self sourced. We currently offer three options for hotend, Mosquito, V6 and a BYOH option, as we hinted at last week, the V6 will be the Gold Edition by E3D. This upgrade give you a hardened steel nozzle, plated copper-alloy heater block and Capricorn PTFE tubing. Another upgrade is from the Titan extruder to the Bondtech BMG, we felt these kits needed the best extruder. Now to the wiring, each kit will come with a wiring harness already cut and crimped for you so you don't have to spend your time hassling with it. With the way we have our kits set, if you self sourced it, you would be paying $1500 +shipping from several different suppliers.

 Image from E3D https://e3d-online.com/v6-gold-hotend

Image from E3D https://e3d-online.com/v6-gold-hotend

So are we doing anything different than standard BOM? Yes, there will be two major differences. First will be the Z stepper motors, in the BOM it states to get 0.9 degree steppers but we are going with 1.8 degree. Don't fret we are also switching from 4mm pitch to 2mm pitch lead screws, this will keep the ratio of .01mm/1 step! This will also assist in limiting “Z walk” when powered off. We will also be using delrin anti backlash nuts rather than the brass.  The next big difference is the panels, we will be milling the RailCore II name into every set.

As most of you are aware Mandala Rose Works and 713 Maker offer Aluminum components for the RailCore. As we stated before we will be working with them, currently we will be using the X Carriages from Mandala along with the Idler Pulley Mount and Motor Mounts from 713. We will be milling the beds in house due to the logistics of having them done by 713 just didn't add up. We have a bed from 713 for reference to ensure we are providing the same awesome quality they have always provided. We will not be selling the beds, x carriages, idler pulley mounts or motor mounts separately from the kit, if you would like them please go to http://www.mandalaroseworks.com/product/railcore or https://713maker.com/railcore-ii-300zl. Mandala also offers aluminum Z Yokes if you would like them.

Now to the timeline, we are on schedule at this time. We began receiving the Duets and extruders this week along with the aluminum components from 713. We are expecting the aluminum extrusion to be delivered on Wednesday and the hardware to be delivered today. Our goal is to begin shipping no later than October 31st once we have the shipping nailed down we will be sending you an invoice for the final payment.

Now that we have announced the final price of the kit, we will be allowing all pre-orders made prior to this announcement to request a refund for 48 hours for whatever reason. Please email us at info@projectr3d.com and we will take care of it.  Moving forward the $50 pre-order will be nonrefundable.

We are working on some additional “goodies” to be added into the kits, we will let you know in the coming weeks. We will keep up with the in depth updates every week to let you know how everything is progressing. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know at info@projectr3d.com.

Project R3D Team


Post MRRF Update

Site and Documentation

  • D1700 and D2880 v1.2 have been posted for sale
  • Getting started guild has been posted in Documentation for the new printers.

Testing and Development 

  • An issue has been found with the auto resume feature of the new printers with the new firmware, this is priority and will be fixed prior to shipping first units in two weeks. 
  • We are testing new print serfaces that will be compatible with the buildtak flex plates including the Peopoly surface and Geckotek.
  • We are continuing testing of our dual hotend upgrade. 
  • We have begun working on the new Mosquito Hotend from Slice Engineering.

As updates come in we will continue to post. 

1st February Development Update

Dual Z System 

Belka Bed system v1.jpg

Over the last few months we have extensively tested our new Dual Z system, we are happy to say we have finished our testing. So why did we change the design and what were we going after?

Belka Bed system top v1.png

Before we began selling the D2880 to the public we designed and sold “Built to Order” units, which varied in size and features. From those orders we were able to see what our customer base was really looking for in a printer. We found that most customers were looking for a large format printer that can be upgraded with new hardware as it become available. We took all of this information and decided to build the first concepts of the D2880, a standardized base model that will fit most needs while still being easily modified. The first of these printers were sold to Universities with the understanding they will be upgraded with new hardware as it come and in return we would be given feedback.

Belka Bed system v1.png

So what did we find? With the first versions of the D2880 the were not equipped with the Flexplate system, due to the part sometimes needed to be removed with force. Due to these forces and some user error we didn't account for the bed system could sometimes become skewed. This was mainly due to the cantilever design. Even though all printers sold after public release were equipped with the removable flex build plate, which makes the issues highly rare, we decided improve it.

What has changed? With the new Dual Z system, the build plate is supported on both side securely. We have added a second stepper and lead screw to ensure precise movement across the entire build plate. This new system is much more ridgid while being able to support and move much more weight, which will be needed in the near future (update coming)

Belka Bed system side v1.png

As of Midwest RepRap Fest all printers will be shipping with the new Dual Z system and all previously sold printers will be able to be upgraded. If you would like the upgrade please let us know at info@projectr3d.com and we will let you know when the upgrades are available for purchase.


Print Service

We have recently made our print service available to the public, letting everyone utilize our fleet of D2880 printers to print their largest jobs. Our print farm is capable of printing the strongest engineering plastics available, such as our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ultem. Our farm of printers is large enough to fulfill your largest orders with a rapid turn around. If you have any question please let us know at info@projectr3d.com or request a quote here


New User Manual

We will be dedicating the majority of our R&D time in February to building our new User Manual. We are working to build a modular manual that will easily transform as your machine is upgraded throughout its life.

With the user manual we will be working on the user workflow as well. We will be rolling out our Simplify3D, Slic3r and Cura profiles at the end of the month. We have received a large assortment of filaments from vendors to test and build profiles for and the testing is well underway. We are striving to build the simplest start up process for new uses while giving you the tools to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We will be posting Profiles and sections of the User Manual for feedback over the next month.