Time for a decent update!

Let's start out with an introduction, my name is Joseph. I founded Project R3D(Red) a couple years ago after working with organizations to build custom printers. The intentions of Project R3D has always been to offer printers with features that everyone wanted but mainstream companies refused to implement. We had a drive to keep printers open and provide a simple way to upgrade components rather than requiring a full printer replacement to take advantage of a new feature. These factors have made working with RailCore Labs Team on the RailCore a no brainer.

When we first saw the RailCore we knew we had to be a part of it, we had to do our part to make it more accessible to the community. Luckily we already had the majority of components sourced for our D-Series. Due to having the components already sourced, the spin up time was cut substantially, from a normal 3-6 months for a new product down to less than a month for the first kit to leave our shop. That was back in October, and in the next week we will have more RailCores in the wild that have come from our shop than have been self sourced!

The main reason we can move so quickly and react to challenges so quickly is that this is a community driven project and is approached as such in all aspects. The RailCore Labs team head up the documentation and software/firmware side of things while we concentrate on the hardware side. This lets us both do what we do best while covering all of the bases. Both teams dump resources into development to keep improving the system and the community just keeps giving back and it's amazing.

Now an update on what's going on.

Since the RailCore Review we have been slammed with orders, it has been breath taking. We will begin shipping all ZL orders Monday January 14th and will be knocking out most orders in the first week. The first ZLT orders will begin shipping Friday January 18th. Any orders placed after the January 5th are subject to a 3 week lead time as posted on the product page. But don’t worry we are working to drop lead time substantially. We will quickly be working our way through orders and then hold stock of ZL and ZLT kits for same day shipment once we catch up. Unfortunately, we will not have fully assembled units ready for same day shipment, these will still have a three week lead time.

Over the last two weeks we have been meeting with one of our shipping partners and have made a great agreement. We will begin accepting preorders for shipping outside of the US and Canada on January 28th with lead times of 3 weeks. This lead time is due to needing to obtain the proper Mains Heated Bed and non-US plugs. With the Chinese New Year shutting down factories for a month Keenovo may not be able to get us the beds until then. There is a possibility for it to take the full 3 weeks but most likely not, we just want to give you worst case. All orders outside of the US will have to accept all duties/taxes/fees. Only kits will be available outside of the US.

Moving forward we have made a couple changes. As mentioned we have switched to a BLtouch probe to open up the possibilities of build surfaces. They are all plastic pins so you can use the Mag Bed from 713 Maker or Buildtak FlexPlate system.

We also changed how we will be assembling and shipping fully assembled units. We will now be using loctite on all hardware to keep things from loosening in transport. We refrained from it up to now so we could keep upgrades as easy as possible. We have also had custom boxes made to better protect the units in shipping.