Dual Z System 

Belka Bed system v1.jpg

Over the last few months we have extensively tested our new Dual Z system, we are happy to say we have finished our testing. So why did we change the design and what were we going after?

Belka Bed system top v1.png

Before we began selling the D2880 to the public we designed and sold “Built to Order” units, which varied in size and features. From those orders we were able to see what our customer base was really looking for in a printer. We found that most customers were looking for a large format printer that can be upgraded with new hardware as it become available. We took all of this information and decided to build the first concepts of the D2880, a standardized base model that will fit most needs while still being easily modified. The first of these printers were sold to Universities with the understanding they will be upgraded with new hardware as it come and in return we would be given feedback.

Belka Bed system v1.png

So what did we find? With the first versions of the D2880 the were not equipped with the Flexplate system, due to the part sometimes needed to be removed with force. Due to these forces and some user error we didn't account for the bed system could sometimes become skewed. This was mainly due to the cantilever design. Even though all printers sold after public release were equipped with the removable flex build plate, which makes the issues highly rare, we decided improve it.

What has changed? With the new Dual Z system, the build plate is supported on both side securely. We have added a second stepper and lead screw to ensure precise movement across the entire build plate. This new system is much more ridgid while being able to support and move much more weight, which will be needed in the near future (update coming)

Belka Bed system side v1.png

As of Midwest RepRap Fest all printers will be shipping with the new Dual Z system and all previously sold printers will be able to be upgraded. If you would like the upgrade please let us know at info@projectr3d.com and we will let you know when the upgrades are available for purchase.


Print Service

We have recently made our print service available to the public, letting everyone utilize our fleet of D2880 printers to print their largest jobs. Our print farm is capable of printing the strongest engineering plastics available, such as our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ultem. Our farm of printers is large enough to fulfill your largest orders with a rapid turn around. If you have any question please let us know at info@projectr3d.com or request a quote here


New User Manual

We will be dedicating the majority of our R&D time in February to building our new User Manual. We are working to build a modular manual that will easily transform as your machine is upgraded throughout its life.

With the user manual we will be working on the user workflow as well. We will be rolling out our Simplify3D, Slic3r and Cura profiles at the end of the month. We have received a large assortment of filaments from vendors to test and build profiles for and the testing is well underway. We are striving to build the simplest start up process for new uses while giving you the tools to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We will be posting Profiles and sections of the User Manual for feedback over the next month.