RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.17.18

Things are really ramping up here, let's get into it! Monday the first kit was sent out to Washington state to be built by @KnineDHP on twitter and reviewed by Joel Telling, it should be arriving on Friday and Richard is planning on live streaming the build. We sent out the final invoices for everyone who has already pre-ordered and we will be closing the first batch this Friday. As of now we have two pre-orders that the shipping will be held off on so we do have TWO kits left. If you want to pre-order please be awear final payment will be due this Friday  (10/19/18). If you refer someone to the kit both you and the purchaser will get a free 1kg spool of Atomic Filament of your choosing! (excluding Carbon Fiber) Email us at info@projectr3d.com and let us know who referred you.


Now to the main updates  


Heated Beds

THEY HAVE ARRIVED…..thats about it.


Wiring Harness

We have left a little extra lenght on the board side of the wiring harnesses. @KnineDHP will be letting us know if there is to much or to little and we can adjust the harnesses before we ship.

Aluminum Beds

We have begun milling the aluminum beds, Ill be meeting up with our machinist this weekend and have some pictures for you!

Side Panels

The side panes are complete for the first 10 and we have began milling the panels for the second batch. We are hoping to have the second batch completed by the beginning of next week.


We are are still talking with a European reseller and hoping to nail something down in the next couple weeks. This reseller came highly recommended from Tony from Think3dPrint3d so we are excited to possibly get to work with them.  


  • Duet WiFi paired with the Duex 5, not some piddly duex 2. This is so the E3D tool changer can be easily implemented without electronics upgrades.

  • Kenovo Heated beds

  • E3D V6 Gold edition with hardened nozzle or Slice Engineering Mosquito with hardened Nozzle

  • Bondtech BMG Extruder

  • Aluminum Stepper and idler mounts from 713 Maker

  • Aluminum X carriages from Mandala Rose Works

  • Meanwell Power Supply

  • Zyltech Linear Rails

  • 8x2mm pitch lead screws with Delrin Nuts

  • 1.8 degree steppers on the Z to give .01mm per step

  • 0.9 degree steppers for X,Y and Extruder

  • Complete wiring harness, labeled to keep wiring time to a minimum

  • ALL 3D PRINTED PARTS INCLUDED! Printed out of Atomics Dark Cherry PLA and Atomic Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG!