RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.10.18


Over the last week a we have been hard at work, now its time to let you in on our adventure. Let's break it down by major components

Linear Rails

A couple people reached out to us about what rails we would be using, as we stated before we will be using Zyltech rails. We have also been asked about the quality due to some getting not so great results out of a couple of their rails, we have planned for a few bad carriages. The way it currently breaks down is one out of every ten carriages need to be addressed, out of those most are solved with a good cleaning and regreasing. We have had to declare a couple carriages “a lost cause” due them continuing to be subpar after a cleaning. As for preload, not all of the carriages are the same so we will be testing them all and trying to pair them up by axis with matching preload. Some may ask why not go Hiwin, it would raise the cost of the kits roughly $700 and we just don't see it being worth it.      

Heated Beds

We were able to obtain one box out of the shipment of heated beds on Monday. A large part of the shipment is still with Customs and we have hired a broker to assist in this and future shipments. Even with this we are still well on track to hit our goals.   

Wiring Harness

With the first batch we are running every wiring harness on our mockup to decuple check our measurements. We are also labeling all wires unless they are only type of that connector. This should significantly speed up the assembly process.  

Aluminum Beds

We have received all of the stock for milling the aluminum beds for the first batch. We will begin milling this weekend!

Side Panels


The first batch of side panels are now complete! All kits will come with the RailCore logo and model name on the floor along with the RailCore Labs and Project R3D logos. RailCore Labs is the original RailCore Team, they just secured their twitter @RailCoreLabs follow them to keep up to date.


We are now working with a couple people to find the best re-seller for the kits in Europe. We are hoping to get this rolling pretty soon. We have also reach out to a couple re-sellers in Canada as well.

Some of the printed parts included in the kit!

Some of the printed parts included in the kit!

***REMINDER***If you already have the Bed, Idler mounts and/or Motor Mounts from 713 Maker let us know we will discount the kits for you. Also if you have the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works we can also discount the kits. Please be aware, you must prove you have purchased them, we are holding our kits to a certain standard and will not sell a kit without these parts unless already purchased. As of now this is only for the first batch.