RailCore 300ZL Kit Update 10.02.18

TLDR: On track still even with a delay but we planned for it. We blab about our component choices. If you have purchased some aluminum parts from Mandala or 713 Maker and can prove it we can discount the kit for this batch, read more below. We used this time waiting for parts to perfect our side panel milling and now we have access to a new toy to play with!

Over the last week we have received all components but one, sadly the heated beds from Keenovo are delayed in customs. We were well aware that this would be the case so we ordered them early to try to offset the delay as much a possible. Now that we have locked everything down we can go into more detail of the components we are using.

  • Linear Rails- We will be sticking with Zyltech Linear rails, we have been testing them since before the RailCore Kit was established for a future unit we will be announcing. Currently we have had to rebuild an average of 1 out of every 27 rails we test. After a rebuild we have had satisfactory results out of nearly every rail. We do add light lubrication but please be aware, to lengthen the life of the system and maintain high qulity you must maintain your linear rails.

  • Heated beds- We will be using the Keenovo heaters for now, we say for now due to the uncertain future of maintaining relationships with Chinese manufacturers due to the current “Trade Wars”. We do have a backup plan in the case of the relationship falling apart. If it were to happen we would switch to 360W DC heated beds which are capable of 120C. We currently use these on our D-series printers with great results. If this were to happen the 320W power supplies would be swapped with a 504W.

  • Power Supply- We are using a genuine Mean Well Power supply, when it comes to power, we refuse to cut corners.

  • Wiring harness- We will be using genuine Molex connectors and appropriate wiring to ensure it exceeds standards.

  • Aluminum parts- As stated before we will be sourcing the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works and the Stepper Mounts and Idler Mounts from 713 Maker. The milling of the aluminum beds in house will be done by the machinist we have worked with for years. He is highly qualified and previously worked with world renowned companies and machined parts used on the ULA rockets. We will be working to ensure the beds are to the high standards that 713 has established.

  • Electronics- The Duet WiFi of course. As we scale up the kit production Filastruder will be supplying us with the electronics for the kits until we are required to go directly to Think3DPrint3D. Filastruder has be an awesome part of the community for many years, there is no-one we would rather work with.

If you already have the Bed, Idler mounts and/or Motor Mounts from 713 Maker let us know we will discount the kits for you. Also if you have the X Carriages from Mandala Rose Works we can also discount the kits. Please be aware, you must prove you have purchased them, we are holding our kits to a certain standard and will not sell a kit without these parts unless already purchased. As of now this is only for the first batch.   

Now to what we have been working on over the last week. We have been protecting our workflow with milling the side panels. We doing this now while we wait for parts to arrive so as we scale up production, its one less hurdle we have to come to. Up to now we have been using upgraded x-carves for the side panels but we now have access to a 4’x8’ Shopbot to ramp up production faster. We have also been printed the parts for the kits and almost have the first batch complete.

We have also been working on getting kits to the European market. Currently we have been approached  by a couple of people interested in selling the kits and are also reaching out to established resellers. We are hoping to have something established by mid-month so we can begin to ship to Europe in November. We will keep you updated.

We will being posting pictures over the next week keep an eye out!

Project R3D Team