Project Likia will become the D2880 v1.2 @MRRF

Ever since the D2880 what released, we have been taking all feedback to heart. We have spent the last six months finding ways to improve the printer. We are proud to announce we have made a great printer even better!

With new firmware and hardware tweaks we have been able to add Power Loss Recovery (PLR) to our printers. With PLR if a loss of power has occurred the bed will lower to ensure the print is not damaged and the position will be saved. Once power is restored the printer will home to the Z max to not crash into the print and print will resume.

After extensive use and testing we have found a more stable Z axis system. With the D2880 v1.2 we have transitioned to a dual z system. With this the system will be more rigid and resilient pressure applied to the build surface. We found that in some academic situations, unneeded pressure was applied to the unsupported front of the beds. After repeated situations the system may become tweaked causing the printer to compensate more aggressively during auto tramming. With our new solution we expect a longer life out of the Z axis system as a whole.

The full enclosure has been modified. All printers will come with a bottom, back and two side panels like before, but no longer a door or top. The door and top will be sold separately due to modifications needed for the Dual Extrusion upgrade. We are working to keep the price down on the Enclosure add-on. As MRRF nears we will be releasing more details about pricing and changes.

While we have designed several parts of the printers we are happy to say we have held true to our promise. All D2880 printers purchased before the next release will be able to be upgraded with the new parts. If you would like the upgrade please contact us. We will be working to have the upgrade kits ready upon the release of the D2880 v1.2.


Project Belka

Belka Frame v5.png


We have taken everything we have learned from the D2880 and have developed a companion for it. We have found that some users don't have the space for the D2880, so we shrunk it down. Project Belka will have a 12”x12”x12” build volume with all the new features of the D2880 v1.2. As you know we have kept the D2880 at an unbeatable price and Project Belka will be no different. We will have more details on price and development leading up to MRRF.


Under Development

New Manual

We are currently working on a new manual for both new printers and for the original D2880. In this manual it will have a large amount of additional information and will be sent with every printer along with the firmware to match any additional modifications you request upon purchase. We are building the new manual to be able to be added to or amended with each upgrade. In the manual sent with each printer will be all of the results from the testing and calibration. With this new manual you will have everything you need to modify or troubleshoot your printer in all aspects.

Dual Extrusion Upgrade

We are currently testing the Zesty Nimble to be used in our Dual Extrusion Upgrade. Due to the way the Nimble works we will needed a taller enclosure to accommodate the drive shafts, this is why the enclosure will be sold as an add-on. We will be posting pictures and updates as development continues.

Liquid Cooling Upgrade

We the release of the Titan Aero Aqua, we have been testing the system to see how we can incorporate it into our printers. Due to the additional hoses needed the extended enclosure is needed. We are also sourcing thermal insulation for the printers to come with this upgrade to hold more stable temps when printing with high temp materials.  

Filament Monitor Upgrade

At the end of the year we had finished developing a simple way to mount the Duet Filament Monitor into our systems. Sadly we got the news that they will be pursuing development on a new monitor so our release of our system had to be pushed. We are currently working with a new system while Duet develops theirs. Once we can get our hands on the new Duet Filament Monitor we will be testing it. At the current time we do not expect to be able to release this upgrade at MRRF but we will be trying anyways.


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