Hey everybody, its been a while and a lot has been happening on our end.

Why has it been so long?

We were on track to do a large unveiling at the Chicago Maker Faire April 21-23 and we were working to have five printers production ready to present. Due to throwing our full weight behind this event, our stride became thrown off when the event was postponed until and undisclosed later date. Sadly we were given this news just four days prior to the Midwest RepRap Festival and with five 3D printers nearly complete we were stuck in a difficult situation. We did not want to present the printers in a state that the end costumer wouldn't receive it. So we chose to attend the event without the printers and meet with large and small YouTube channels and spoke with them about reviews in the near future. We made the most of a bad situation and the connections we made with other people in the industry have already paid off. This has been part of the reason we have been radio silent, we have finished bringing the printers to production ready and have been preparing for our crowdfunding campaign.


What has Project R3D been up to?

Production has begun! Since our last update we have continued to push forward and we are now into production on an order that has been placed by a University in Chicago. We have finished assembling our production floor and ready to produce large orders. We are waiting on some final parts to come in for the first batch and as we complete them we will be sharing photos of them with everyone.


When we started looking into crowdfunding a platform caught our eye, it seemed to have everything we needed and would protect all parties involved. Since then we has issues with communication and we found that they could not help with some of the hurtles we had to overcome. So we began searching for the proper fit and we believe we have found it. Arrow Electronics offers a certification program with Indiegogo, Arrow reviewed our designs, photos and BOM and have chosen to grant us their Certification. What this means it they acknowledged we are well on the path for production and will assist us if we have any supply issues. We felt it best to go this way to give our backers some confidence that this project is being produced and we are working hard at it. At the end of the day the largest hurtle in crowdfunding is building trust. We will be launching a “Coming Soon” campaign this month on Indiegogo and we will be following up with the full campaign soon after.

Why do a crowdfunding campaign?

With the R&D already paid for we understand why this is asked. The funding from a campaign will be to purchase the bulk supplies to produce the printers. We are currently purchasing the parts as the order comes in, raising the overall production cost and lead times. With this funding we will be able to purchase all components in bulk lowering cost bringing down production to two days. Currently assembly of the printers takes three man hours but we run a handful of small calibration prints and a large “torture test” to ensure the printer you receive is in top working condition.

If you have any question please reach out to us on Twitter or email at info@projectr3d.com