March 9th 2017                                                              Update 1           

                Hello, welcome to the first update on Project R3D. Over the last year we have been working to create a machine that eliminated the major pitfalls of current printers on the market. After several prototypes, each with their own trials and errors, we can say we have done it. Now to the specs:

Build Volume: 304mm(x) x 304mm(y) x 457mm(z) / 12”x12”x18”

Controller: 32bit processor with build-in Wi-Fi and up to 1:256th micro-stepping

UI: 7” color touch screen

Build Plate: Heated aluminum bed

Automatic bed leveling with an IR sensor

Genuine All Metal Hotend

CoreXY kinematics

Further details to come.

                We have extensively researched how we should launch this, some crowd funding platforms have left their backers high and dry. Many of our team have personally taken hits from campaigns that have turned sour, we will not put you or our team through that. We have found a platform called Crowd Supply, they vet all projects prior to accepting them. They are the only platform we could find with a 100% delivery rate of successful campaigns. This week we have submitted our initial project to them for approval. We believe this is the best path to take to ensure all of our backer get what they pay for.

                We will continue to give weekly updates on our progress and we will begin posting photos and videos on our twitter and Instagram.


                                                                                                                 Project R3D Team