RailCore II 300ZL Full Kit

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RailCore II 300ZL Full Kit

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We have worked with RailCore Labs to bring you the RailCore II 300ZL Kit! International orders please fill out the form on the site prior to ordering!

***If shipping Internationally, Purchaser will be responsible for Taxes/Fees/Dues upon delivery!***

If you self source the same kit, you will be paying $1575!

If you have wanted a RailCore but didn't want to deal with the hassle of sourcing and building wiring harness, we have the solution! The Kit comes complete with all the components needed to complete your printer from the aluminum stepper brackets from 713 Maker to the 3D printed parts. All printed structural printed parts will be printed out of Atomic Filaments CF PETG and non structural parts are printed out of Atomic Filaments Dark Cherry PLA.

Hotend Options

V6 Gold: The V6 Gold comes with a plated copper block, E3D Premium Heater, thermistor and 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle.

Mosquito: The Mosquito comes with an E3D Premium Heater and thermistor with a 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle

Mosquito Magnum: The Mosquito Magnum comes with a E3D Premium Heater and thermistor with a 0.8mm Hardened Nozzle for large prints.

BYOH: This option comes with no hotend but it will include an E3D Premium Heater and thermistor to maintain the plug and play feature of the wiring harness.

Bed Types

Standard: The standard bed is a 1/4” sheet of MIC6 aluminum that will come with a 12”x12” sheet of Buildtak

Mag Bed: This is the 713maker Mag Bed and will come with a Spring Steel Flex Plate with PEI


  • Duet WiFi paired with the Duex 5, not some piddly duex 2. This is so the E3D tool changer can be easily implemented without electronics upgrades.

  • BLtouch Probe

  • Kenovo Heated beds

  • E3D V6 Gold edition with hardened nozzle or Slice Engineering Mosquito with hardened Nozzle

  • Bondtech BMG Extruder

  • Aluminum Stepper and idler mounts from 713 Maker

  • Aluminum X carriages from Mandala Rose Works

  • Meanwell Power Supply

  • Zyltech Linear Rails

  • 8x2mm pitch lead screws with Delrin Nuts

  • 1.8 degree steppers on the Z to give .01mm per step

  • 0.9 degree steppers for X,Y and Extruder

  • Complete wiring harness, labeled to keep wiring time to a minimum

  • ALL 3D PRINTED PARTS INCLUDED! Printed out of Atomics Dark Cherry PLA and Atomic Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG!


We are limiting the use of printed parts as structural components, the kits come standard with the aluminum stepper and ider mounts from 713 Maker and the aluminum x carriages from Mandala Rose Works. We are milling the aluminum beds in house out of MIC 6 plate to ensure it is completely flat!

We chose to go with the Bondtech BMG extruder due to its high reliability and consistency. We felt with such a great printer we might as well go with the best hardware we can get!

We will be testing every linear rail set to ensure they are up to the task while also grouping them based on preload to ensure you get matching preload on each axis!

We are shipping a complete plug and play wiring harness system with each kit! You no longer have to deal with cutting stripping and crimping your own wires….. We’ve got you covered!


Of course we are are shipping the Duet WiFi and Duex 5 with each kit. Why the 5 when the 2 is the required minimum…. Clearly we don't mess with minimums! There should be upgrades in the future that will need the Duex 5 so why not just save you time in the future and give it to you now.

We are milling the side panels in house and every floor will get the RailCore logos milled in, simply because it looks AWESOME!


Long story short you will get all components and hardware needed to build the printer, from linear rails to nuts and bolts. All you need is the tools and the time we have everything else covered!

Tools Required to Complete the Build

  • M3 Tap

  • Hex Wrenches 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm

  • 5.5mm Nut Driver

  • Philips Head and Flat Screw driver

  • Flush Cutters

  • Red RTV for mounting the bed thermistor.

  • Wiring Walk-Through

    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aIc6x7Vzb-bH8-pILNBV1cXyp3JWsIa50Y6eSjMmCgM/edit?usp=sharing