Wham Bam Flex Sheet System

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Wham Bam Flex Sheet System

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Never Scrape your parts off the bed again.

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We have worked with Wham Bam Systems to offer you the RailCore Wham Bam Flex Plate System. For additional information on the system please refer to https://whambamsystems.com/flexible-build-system

What’s Included

Flex Sheet With PEX Build Sheet

  • This is only one flex sheet with one PEX Build Surface. You must already have the Magbed or similar system.

***For those who already have the 713Maker.com Magbed found here https://713maker.com/railcore/railcore-ii-300zl/railcore-ii-300zl-magnetic-heated-bed ***

Full Pack

  • This will include ONE Flex Sheet, ONE PEX Build Surface, and ONE Magnetic base. This is only for units that are already assembled without a Magbed from 713maker.com