RailCore II 300 ZL Fully Assembled

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RailCore II 300 ZL Fully Assembled

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Due to adding more options, please expect a 3 week lead time

We have worked with RailCore Labs to bring you the RailCore II 300ZL Kit, now its time for it to work out of the box!

Do you want a RailCore but dont have the time or patience to build a kit without going full Hulk, we understand. Now you can get the RailCore Fully Assembled, Calibrated and Tested! You will be printing within minutes of destroying the box it comes in. Yes, you will be so excited the box will stand no chance! If there is an aluminum part available for the RailCore these units will have them! The couple printed structural parts will be printed out of Atomic Filaments CF PETG and non structural parts are printed out of Atomic PLA.


Options Break Down


V6 Gold

  • The V6 Gold is an all around great all around hotend giving you the ability to print up a wide range of filament constantly. The hotend comes standard with a 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle and a 30w 24v Premium Heater. With the stock setup you will be able to go up to 285C, to go above that you will need to upgrade to the Slice Engineering 450c Thermistor or a PT100 sensor.

Mosquito Hotend

  • The Mosquito hotend is great if you want to push into higher end materials in the future. If you do not intend on printing materials above Nylons in the future, you are better off with a V6. With the standard setup you are limited to 285C but you can easily push to 450C with the Slice Engineering Thermistor upgrade. The Mosquito comes standard with a 30w 24v Premium Heater and a 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle.

Linear Rails


  • The standard rails are the best Chinese Clones we could get, we test them and lubricate them with lithium grease. Great results have come from these rails but they take a decent amount of maintenance to keep them operating well. If you dont mind working to keep them maintained and have experience do it they are a great rail to go with.


  • These are Genuine MiSUMi high end linear rails, they are packed with lithium grease and are built for a long use life. If you want to have the best or have the lowest amount of maintenance these are the way to go. If you are getting a fully assembled because you do not want to have to mess with it, the Premium rails should be chosen.



  • The Standard bed is a 0.25in thick MIC6 Cast Tooling Plate to ensure flatness. The standard bed will come with a Buildtak Sheet as a print surface

Mag Bed

  • The Mag Bed is made by 713maker and allows for flex plates to be used. The Mag Bed is made out of the same 0.25in thick MIC6 Cast Tooling Plate as the standard but has magnets embedded into the bottom of the plate. The Mag Bed will come with a Flex Steel Sheet and PEI Build Surface.



  • Build Volume 300mm x 300mm x 300mm

  • 5in Panel Due Touch Screen

  • BLtouch Bed Probe

  • Duet WiFi paired with the Duex 5, not some piddly duex 2. This is so the E3D tool changer can be easily implemented without electronics upgrades.

  • Kenovo Heated beds

  • E3D V6 Gold edition with hardened nozzle

  • Bondtech BMG Extruder

  • Aluminum Stepper and idler mounts from 713 Maker

  • Aluminum X carriages, Z Yokes, L Brackets and Hotend Mount from Mandala Rose Works

  • Meanwell Power Supply

  • Zyltech Linear Rails

  • 8x2mm pitch lead screws with Delrin Nuts

  • 1.8 degree steppers on the Z to give .01mm per step

  • 0.9 degree steppers for X,Y and Extruder

  • ALL 3D PRINTED PARTS INCLUDED! Printed out of Atomic PLA and Atomic Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG!


The uses of printed parts as structural components is highly limited in these units, the units come standard with the aluminum stepper and ider mounts from 713 Maker and the aluminum x carriages, L brackets, Z yokes and Hotend Mounts  from Mandala Rose Works. We are milling the aluminum beds in house out of MIC 6 plate to ensure it is completely flat!

We chose to go with the Bondtech BMG extruder due to its high reliability and consistency. We felt with such a great printer we might as well go with the best hardware we can get!

We will be testing every linear rail set to ensure they are up to the task to ensure the smoothest prints possible!

If you plan on modifying the units all of the wiring will be labeled so you can nerd out to your little heart's desire without messing up your wiring.

Of course we are are shipping the Duet WiFi and Duex 5 standard. Why the 5 when the 2 is the required minimum…. Clearly we don't mess with minimums! There should be upgrades in the future that will need the Duex 5 so why not just save you time in the future and give it to you now.

We are milling the side panels in house and every floor will get the RailCore logos milled in, simply because it looks AWESOME!