D2880 v1.2


D2880 v1.2

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Next Generation of the D2880. Ships within two weeks.

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D2880 v1.2


300mm x 300mm x 500mm Build Volume

Quick change E3D V6 with hardened steel nozzle 

7 inch color touch screen

Buildtak Flex Plate system

WiFi built in letting you control your printer from a web interface, thanks to the Duet WiFi

Heated bed capable of 120c

Hotend capable of 280c to 400c* (with upgrade) 

Quick change extruder mount to facilitate a rapid swap to our dual upgrade (coming soon)!

From concept to product has never been easier!

From delivery day to the third year starting your print has never been easier. With only the two screws for the display and four for the spool holder needing to be installed from delivery box to starting your print takes less than thirty minutes. Never fuss with connecting your computer to your printer again, our WiFi browser interface guarantees the only wire needed to print is the power cord! All you need is a computer, tablet or cell phone on the same network and you are good to go. With the full enclosure upgrade and heated bed you never have to worry warping prints no matter what material you choose to work with. With a frame made of aluminum extrusion and robust movement system the D2880 v1.2 is one of the strongest consumer printers on the market.


With WiFi built onto our control board able to run a browser interface. You can test drive the browser interface here: https://www.duet3d.com/DuetWebControlSim/. The board is run by a 32 bit processor and capable of 1/256th micro stepping. An expansion header on the board gives us the ability to offer agressive upgrades in the future.



Never level your bed again with our IR sensor able to probe up to 156 points and software compensation you never need to fiddle with leveling screws again.  



The 7 inch touch screen gives you the capability to completely control the printer. You have full access to setting and the command prompt on the display. 



With a full enclosure, utilizing the full build volume with the most difficult materials, such as Nylon and Ploycarbonate, becomes an ease. 



The BuildTak FlexPlate System come standard! Never worry about damaging the build plate or your print again by scraping. Simply remove the magnetic build sheet and give it a bend to remove your parts.

Power Loss Recovery (COMING SOON)

Never fear a storm again, your print will be fine! If you lose power during a print, just hit resume and the print will pick up where it left off.